International MA in Security & Diplomacy

One Year Master's Taught in English

Israel is at the focus of the world's attention in both security and diplomacy matters. It is also the center of enormous professional expertise in both these fields. Embodying that unique knowledge and skill, our International MA in security studies and Diplomacy program brings together internationally renowned scholars and former leading practitioners in both security and diplomacy, offering students an exceptional learning experience in English. Educational tours and meetings with Israeli and foreign officials are incorporated into the curriculum.

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Why study in Israel?

Tel Aviv University offers learning from those who took action in situation rooms, participated at the negotiating table, served in the house of government and guarded the frontlines during times of war and peace. Your professors will share their expertise, as well as, their firsthand experience in the region. They will offer you exclusive insights into the reality of the subject matter.

Most importantly, this academic program pursuit leverage on the best that Israel has to offer. You will participate in security field trips, ambassador forums, series lectures and networking opportunities. The program will analyze the variety of issues Israel is facing with its neighbors in the Middle East. The Arab-Israeli conflict will be examined as a complexed case study. The learning will provide the tools to graduate with expertise in the region and the ability to apply strategic methods to other conflicts around the globe.


Launching Your Career

The Security and Diplomacy program extends far beyond the traditional classroom experience. Our students engage with high-ranking diplomats and other decision makers, during our weekly Ambassador Forum. Moreover, our students acquire practical understanding during a series of visits to Israel's borders and key security sites.

We are looking for students who are genuinely excited by today's key issues in the fields of security, strategy and international policy formation. The program prepares you for a wide range of career opportunities. Alumni and current students in the Security and Diplomacy program have secured jobs and internships at Israel's preeminent think tanks, numerous embassies, media and advocacy organizations, the United Nations, private security companies and other public and private employers.

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